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Collectors Club

Come along for an intimate tour of the artistic process, meet renowned artists, and explore our region’s contemporary art ... wherever the journey takes us!

The Mississippi Museum of Art’s Collectors Club supports collectors, new and old, by stimulating interest in contemporary art. The club is for Museum members who are passionate about art and want to learn to care for it, and for those who want to meet artists, explore their studios, and be the first to see their new work.

Collectors Club formed in 2005, out of the desire of Museum staff and local collectors (under the leadership of Museum member and trustee Steven Chevalier) to support art enthusiasts who were new to collecting. Gatherings take place at least six times a year at artists’ studios, collectors’ homes, at the Museum for guided tours, and on occasion, take the form of field trips out-of-state. Each gathering typically lasts about an hour and a half and includes time for socializing and refreshments. The format is informal and intimate, making it easy to ask questions and initiate a discussion.

Membership in Collectors Club is included as a benefit under the Museum’s Explore and Rembrandt Society memberships. JOIN TODAY!

In December 2017, the Museum was honored to receive a grant from the W. K Kellogg Foundation in the amount of $440,000 for the purpose of acquiring new art for the Museum’s Permanent Collection. This opportunity has allowed the Museum to purchase art that will anchor conversations about issues that resonate with our community under the direction of the Museum’s Center for Art & Public Exchange. Our goal is the raise $20,000 per year, over the next three years, in matching contributions. There are three ways to contribute:

By monthly draft: Contact Christina McField at 601.965.9932 or cmcfield@msmuseumart.org

By check: Make check payable to Mississippi Museum of Art; Remit to Mississippi Museum of Art, 380 S. Lamar St., Jackson, MS 39201

Online: Donate today!

The Mississippi Museum of Art is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. Memberships and monetary donations are tax deductible as allowed by law. If you require additional information, please contact the Museum at 601.960.1515.